TECoSA Research Forum Activities

All events are posted on the TECoSA Calendar. Below is an overview for the current year. Events and links will be added over time. All workshop material will be shared with participants. Some reading material may be added here.

2020.11.20  – Workshop 1: Seeking perspective (plus Thoughts from some of the participating PhD students)

2021.03.25 – Seminar: The Learning Brain, with Anna Tebelius Bodin

2021.04.22 – Workshop 2: Innovator’s DNA skill guide applied to research questions or challengesExecutive Summary

2021.05.27 – Workshop 3: Microtrends with partners

2021.06.10 – Workshop 4: Personal time management

2021.08.26 – invited speaker Recbecka Löthman Rydå, Investment Director at Industrifonden, “How a venture capital company works in relation to start-ups

2021.09.16 (date tbc!) – Extreme teaming: how to build successful teams with participants from different partners

2021.10.07 – invited speaker Anna Tebelius Bodin, “Self management with the perspective of the analog brain in the digital world

2021.11.04 – Topic and Speaker tba

2021.12.02 – Pitch your project