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TECoSA Research Forum gets underway!

The TECoSA Research Forum was launched in November and December, with the goal to build a collaborative culture within the Centre and help each other to develop our research and innovation skills. Martin Karlsson (Atlas Copco), who is leading the initiative, points out that this becomes even more important in these pandemic times when starting up new activities in TECoSA.  We asked some of the PhD students about their feelings so far.

“I think the most contributing and fun part of the research forum was the exercise that you are supposed to explain your research question to other people from other areas with few sentences and write down the coming questions. While they were asking questions, I realized that people somehow merged their research interests to the research topic I presented them. This made me look to my research question from different perspectives.” Feridun Tütüncüoglu

The TECoSA research forum has been an opportunity to reflect on the way we face research while also allowing us to get to know better our new colleges. This becomes especially important now that most of our work is done without physical contact. I hope the next sessions will keep helping us to build a more collaborative environment for the researchers at TECoSA.José Manuel Gaspar Sánchez

A PhD course will be registered so credits can be provided for participating PhD students

The continuation of the Research forum during Spring 2021 will encompass two parts:
(1) continuing the thread of building collective intelligence, including guest lecturers, and
(2) technical seminars (including the tutorial course), providing introductions and overview of state of the art and best industrial practices in relevant areas of TECoSA.