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Edge computing testbeds

Since the start, in 2020, TECoSA has worked to pave the way for testbeds in edge computing in the context of industrial applications. This activity has been ramped up in 2022 and 2023. The TECoSA edge computing testbeds encompass two set-ups.

The testbeds are to serve experiments and research regarding edge computing, with emphasis on architectures, models and algorithms for an adaptive and secure edge infrastructure.

Two application domains will be in initial focus:

  • Collaboration between humans and robots, focusing on learning-based, multi-agent, real-time autonomous systems with human(s) in the loop, ensuring trustworthiness.
  • Road traffic and autonomous vehicle safety and performance, by enabling trustworthy information sharing and coordination through a dependable digital infrastructure.

Indoor testbed

The indoor testbed is located at a previous experimental site of KTH, underground (R1 – see photo). In this location TECoSA has deployed a COTS private 5G network, provided through Telenor (and based on Ericsson systems), together with COTS terminal hardware. In parallel, a software-defined radio network has been established, with funding from the SSF ExPECA project.

Outdoor testbed

The Outdoor testbed is established with KTH on premise edge compute facilities, coupled with the 5G outdoor network of Telenor (also based on Ericsson systems). Telenor provides network access, and preferred routing of data to the edge compute facilities on KTH premises.


For more information, contact the TECoSA directors

Martin Törngren

Martin Törngren
Systems & safety engineering, Embedded control systems

James Gross

James Gross
Wireless, Predictability, Edge computing