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Focus areas

Our research has an initial focus on three areas, addressing three key properties of trustworthiness: Predictability, Security and Safety, while also investigating the relations between them. Our starting project portfolio involves one research project per area, where each project contains sub-projects.

Properties of trustworthiness

The general research scope of TECoSA as well as the number of involved academic and industrial partners implies a large set of research tasks to be carried out. Taking into account that trustworthiness is a main motive of TECoSA in terms of system and application properties, we focus on three projects that address the three main properties of trustworthiness: Predictability, Security and Safety.

Each of these projects contains fundamental research tasks to be addressed as core. In addition, the industrial partners will attach to these research tasks through their in-kind and cash contributions, allowing a transfer of fundamental results to the respective use cases, assuring the impact of the initial TECoSA projects.

TECoSA Open Experimental Edge Environment

A central component in successfully achieving the technology transfer between fundamental research at KTH on the one hand, and the product development departments of the industrial partners on the other hand will be the TECoSA Open Experimental Edge Environment. It will provide experimental validation of fundamental results in a well-defined, controllable environment together with respective industrial partners.

Finally, apart from the three initial projects, there are quite some more threads for further research. We intend to either approach these tasks at a later stage of the competence center, or preferably as early as possible with additional funding that we will acquire.