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TECoSA projects

TECoSA have three long-running core projects. These involve TECoSA partners and are closely related to the centre’s three thematic areas: Safety, Security and Predictability. Each core project also has related synergy projects.


The research in CART aims to promote road traffic safety and performance in such new environments encompassing a variety of operational design domains.

CART – Connected, collaborating an Automated Road Traffic


The SMEDE project applies novel approaches to managing communication and computing resources, focusing on ensuring security in the edge computing environment.

SMEDE – Smart Edge Infrastructure


The goal of the COLA project is to facilitate the development of learning-based, multi-agent, real-time autonomous systems with humans in the loop by edge computing.

COLA – Collaborative autonomy

TECoSA project structure

The three core projects overlap with TECoSA’s three focus areas. The two spin-off projects, COLA and CART, focuses on Safety, while the largest core project SMEDE focuses on Security and Predictability.