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December Newsletter

Our third newsletter is out now, and looks back briefly over the highlights from 2020 and – more importantly – the plans for 2021!

End of Year Message from TECoSA Board Chair, Catrin Granbom

2020 has been a very busy year! In March, after lots of work, we kicked off our center for Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications – TeCosa. And, despite the difficult and unusual situation during the year, many great things have happened.

We have begun to create a fantastic collaboration network with all 13 industrial partners, PhDs and researchers at KTH. We have also started to set the form of the center and its projects; Safety, Predictability and Security have been defined, with lots of work in progress.

A research forum has been initiated to build a collaborative culture within TeCosa. Martin and I have participated in an education program to share experiences and knowledge. All with the goal to create the best possible conditions for the center and its success.

Also, fun and promising is that possible new partners have shown an interest in TeCosa and our projects. So, to end, I really look forward to 2021 with exciting new results and hope that we will be able to meet (IRL) again soon!!!