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TECoSA Research Forum Course

This course aims to support groups in developing a collaborative and inclusive culture, and to provide tools to enhance research and innovation skills. The course is intended for PhD students, postdocs, faculty and industry participants.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key ingredients needed to build a research and innovation culture for high collective intelligence;
  • Explain how the brain absorbs information and builds knowledge;
  • Communicate in a way that meets the brain’s ability to learn and engage;
  • Describe and make use of:
    • supporting methods such as the Innovator’s DNA skill guide for enhancement of research questions;
    • microtrends analysis and personal time management techniques.

The course is organized as a number of interactive workshops with homework preparations for each session.  Topical keywords include psychological safety, collective intelligence, communication, team building, multidisciplinary collaboration, and will incorporate various related supporting techniques and theory.

The course corresponds to 4.5 hp, and is graded “Pass/Fail”.  To gain credits for participating will require:

  • Active participation in at least 75% of the interactive sessions
  • Recorded pitch and feedback to other participants
  • Completion of preparatory work and homework assignments