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CanEduDev joins TECoSA!

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with TECoSA!” says Hashem Hashem, CanEduDev’s COO and Head of Engineering.

“It is a step that marks our commitment towards innovation in distributed embedded control systems (DECS), connectivity, and edge computing. Our flagship product, the Rover, stands as a testament to this passion, offering a versatile platform that’s not only capable of emulating edge nodes and servers but also perfect for prototyping various edge systems.”

Lars-Berno Fredriksson, CanEduDev CEO, with
The Rover

“This collaboration opens up exciting avenues for us to explore the integration of the Rover in edge computing and remote connectivity projects alongside our partners. We’re particularly keen on partnering with those who are as enthusiastic as we are about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our field. Additionally, we welcome researchers interested in leveraging our platform for their proof of concept demonstrations.

With our extensive experience in DECS, Bluetooth, radio technologies, and the automotive industry, we’re eager to contribute our knowledge and ideas to ensure the success of these projects. As we embark on this journey with TECoSA, we see it as a perfect alignment with our mission of expanding the horizons for technological innovation and education.”

Martin Törngren, TECoSA Director, commented “We are delighted to have CanEduDev on board – especially since they are a spin-off from TECoSA partner Kvaser! We look forward to continued collaboration on vehicular edge computing and to using their Rover in TECoSA experiments.” 

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