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New TECoSA PI: Rafia Inam

Rafia Inam has joined the team of TECoSA Principal Investigators!  An active member of TECoSA from the very beginning, we look forward to working with her more closely.

My research topic is a perfect match – trustworthy AI and trustworthy CPS, which is the main focus of TECoSA,” says Rafia. “Being an adjunct professor and a PI in TECoSA provides me an opportunity to work as a bridge between academic and industrial research. Academic research needs practical problems, use cases and data which industry can support, and on the other hand industry research needs strong foundational research which it can gain by working with academia. Thus it’s a win-win all round!”

Rafia joined Ericsson Research in 2015 and is currently a senior research manager leading the Trustworthy AI team. She has been an adjunct professor at KTH since May 2022, and is engaged 20% with the Mechatronics Group, co-supervising 3 PhD students (including 1 TECoSA) and teaching on the course “Smart CPS – understanding and acting in a sociotechnical shift“. She has also provided two Master thesis projects for TECoSA so far (“Safety-oriented task offloading for Human-Robot Collaboration – a learning-based approach” and “Explainable RL for risk mitigation in Human-Robot Collaboration scenarios”).

Rafia’s main research interests include:
* 5G network slices for industry verticals
* Trustworthy aspects in 6G

* Driving Trustworthy AI:
~ Safety for collaborative robots
~ Explainable AI, Explainable RL for Telecom use cases.