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Resilience Meets Assurance – A Deep dive into Safety of Cognitive and Automated Systems

Wednesday 15 June 2022: A day in 3 parts (2 seminars, 1 workshop)

This thematic day, “Resilience Meets Assurance” is part of a long term collaboration between KTH/Mechatronics and ZenseAct.

If you are interested in joining for some or all of the day, please email to register, stating which session(s) and whether you would like to join in real life (KTH Campus) or via Zoom. (Members can accept the Outlook invitations.)

PART I [10.00 – 11.00]
Engineering Resilience for Cognitive Systems
Guest Seminar by Professor Mario Trapp,
Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS

PART II [13.00 – 15.00]
Efficient Strategies for Safety Assurance of Automated Driving
Half-time PhD seminar by Magnus Gyllenhammar with a discussion led by Prof. Mario Trapp; session chaired by Prof. Martin Törngren (main supervisor)

~ Presentation by Magnus on the conducted research
~ Discussion led by Mario

15.00-15.30: Break with refreshments

PART III [15.30 – 17.00]
Interactive Workshop: Holistic Technological Perspectives on Safety of Automated Driving Systems -Methods for Provision of evidence

~ Presentation of identified research gaps and delimitations
~ Group discussion:
     * Do you agree with the presented gaps; What is missing?
     * Break
     * Presentation of collected/summarised gap
     * Group discussion (self-allocation to the different gaps):
         – How to address the gap?
     * Key considerations and obstacles? Promising directions, tools and approaches
~ Summary