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TECoSA Keynote at KSEE 2023

On Thursday 15 June, TECoSA Director Martin Törngren will deliver a keynote talk at this year’s Kongsberg Systems Engineering Event, arranged by the University of Southern Norway (Campus Kongsberg) and directed primarily at systems engineers and architects.

The theme for this year is the difficult relationship between software (and data) and systems. As explained on the KSEE 2023 homepage, “Software and data play an integrating role within and between systems, determining functionality and performance of the system (of systems) capabilities. Despite this crucial role of software for system behavior and performance, most organizations experience a troublesome relation between systems and software. During this KSEE we will explore this relation, the causes of the difficult relation, and opportunities for improvement.”

Martin’s talk is entitled “Towards an era of smart life cycle connected cyber-physical systems – what are the implications for SE? Or… when is an Automated Vehicle ready to go?”

Smart and connected vehicles are increasing on the roads (Photo: Dan Gold, Unsplash)