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7th Quarterly meeting held (IRL!) at AFRY

TECoSA’s 7th Quarterly meeting was the first physical meeting since the Centre was launched in March 2020! Involving 50 people (35 IRL and 15 on-line), the half-day event was hosted by AFRY, and will hopefully start a tradition of member companies being the venue of future meetings.  Several new members took part (from AFRY, AFRY X, Varnish Software and Saab Rainforest & Innovation), bringing new constellations to the network.  A priority topic covered at the meeting was the reorganization of the TECoSA projects to create better synergies between the research, industrial use-cases and testbeds.

And as a bonus, after 8 hours of engaged and fruitful discussions and presentations (plus good company, good food and a little wine), TECoSA now has a song!  Join us at the 8th Quarterly to hear more…