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Varnish Software joins TECoSA!

, founded in 2010, is a fast growing Swedish company with worldwide presence, based in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Norway, Singapore and Japan. Powered by the uniquely flexible, high performing Varnish Cache (Open Source) technology, they deliver enterprise solutions to customers globally, with a focus on Website Acceleration, Content Distribution and Edge Computing. 

“With rising expectations on digital experiences – low latency, high concurrency, high throughput – Varnish Software’s technology is becoming increasingly relevant, and perfectly matches requirements linked to 5G and trustworthy Edge Compute,” says Ulrika Cederskog Sundling, interim VP for strategic growth at Varnish.

“By joining TECoSA, Varnish Software is looking forward to interacting with leading players in the 5G and Edge Compute ecosystem to develop and test use cases, where our embedded real-time rules engine will make a difference.”

Ulrika Cederskog Sundling