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Report from Stora Elektronikdagen med Summit

Report and slides from TECoSA PI and Security Project Leader, Elena Dubrova, one of the 3 invited speakers at this year’s event.

On 10 September 2020, Svensk Elektronik in collaboration with VINNOVA’s program Smartare elektroniksystem arranged the annual conference “Stora Elektronikdagen med Summit”.

Elena Dubrova
Elena Dubrova

The event featured a session with three invited speakers and presentations of the projects within the program Smartare elektroniksystem related to sensors, data collection, remote control and wireless communications (see the full program at

In the session with the invited speakers the conference participants were informed about threats, vulnerabilities and protective actions related to connected systems. The first speaker, Jan Kinnander, chef säkerhetskontor, MUST, in his talk “Den uppkopplade världen – varför ska vi skydda oss och mot vem” presented the military intelligence point of view on who may try to steel confidential information and why. The second speaker, Robert Lagerström, KTH, in his talk “Cyber security in Smart Electronics” covered the perspective of how to analyse different vulnerabilities and protect data from hacking. The third speaker, Elena Dubrova, KTH, in her talk “Security Challenges in the area of IoT and Deep Learning” focused on hardware security and how to design tamper resistant systems. The presentation slides of Elena Dubrova are available below.  ​