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InSecTT – Intelligent Secure Trustable Things

The InSecTT project is a recently (June 2020) started large scale European innovation project funded under the umbrella of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking.

InSecTT relates closely to TECoSA thematically, with its mission to provide intelligent, interoperable, secure and trustworthy systems for industrial applications, to bring the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence together.

KTH and RTE from TECoSA are partners of InSecTT, and for both, the project increases the critical mass in the corresponding research efforts. You can read more on the KTH homepage:

In contrast to TECoSA, InSecTT is a 3 year and very large European project, including 52 partners from 12 countries (EU and Turkey), and encompassing a multitude of industrial domains (smart infrastructure, building, manufacturing, automotive, aeronautics, railway, urban public transport, maritime as well as health). Specific characteristics of TECoSA (as opposed to InSecTT), as we see it, is the integrated approach of TECoSA in regional collaboration and with respect to critical system properties. In short, InSecTT provides excellent complementarity to TECoSA and we look forward to provide further news from the project to you.