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Vinnova call directed towards SMEs – Decentralized AI Systems

Vinnova have recently opened up a new call for funding which relates directly to TECoSA on the topic of Decentralized AI systems – especially with the interest in federated machine learning. Project goals mentioned include “innovative demonstrators and proof of concepts”.

The call is primarily directed to SMEs (that have to be applicants).  Universities/KTH can be a partner and receive funding.  Large companies can also be partners but not receive funding.  

The call refers to rather small projects, but could provide useful synergies with TECoSA.  We therefore support proposals from TECoSA partners – do not hesitate to contact one of the TECoSA P.I.s or partners to discuss opportunities!  

The deadline for proposals is 16 September 2020.  Vinnova describe this is a “pilot”, a test call, and say that more may come in this area.